DUI/DWI and your military service

You have made the admirable decision to serve your country. Your career in the military can be a long and fruitful one, leading to many rewards in civilian life after your service is over and you have been honorably discharged. Could a single DUI really put all of that at risk? Yes. It certainly could.


Should you be stopped on an installation, you will be arrested by military police and will most likely receive a court-martial. A court-martial is a trial implemented by whatever branch of the military you are serving in. This will cost you pay, a possible reduction in grade, and perhaps the worst consequence of all, a dishonorable discharge. This will effectively end your career in the military.

But wait, your DUI occurred outside a military installation, they can’t possibly do anything about that, can they? Yes they certainly can. Even if you manage to escape prosecution via civilian authorities, the military may still choose to court martial you. This is perfectly legal and well within their rights to do so. Whether you end up with a court-martial, or a letter of reprimand from your superior, your record will earn a permanent black mark that can never be erased.

Many service members find that they would like to re-enlist after their initial service contract is up. This can be hugely rewarding and is absolutely necessary for attaining the highest ranks your branch of the military can offer. Once again, a DUI can rear its ugly head and get in the way of your plans. Often all it takes is a single mistake and you can suddenly find years of hard work and dedication completely destroyed.

Whether it is a military court-martial, or a civilian trial, you need the most experienced attorney possible. A FORMER PROSECUTOR has the inside knowledge and know how to ensure you won’t have to lose years of hard work and service to your country because of a single lapse in judgment.

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