DUI and your right to adopt

It’s hard to see how much of a need there is for something when you are surrounded by it. Most of us grew up in a home or apartment, with one or more parents. So many children all over the world are often denied these circumstances we take for granted. You, being a socially conscious citizen with a kind heart, have decided to do something about it. You’ve decided to adopt.


You have a good job, a strong support system, and your personal references are spectacular. There’s a little girl in China who you will soon be welcoming into your home to raise as your own. The paperwork seems to be taking longer than expected, and you start wondering if something went wrong…? Suddenly a reply is sent to you from the adoption agency. Your application for adoption has been denied.

What went wrong? Everything looked so good. There was just that, one, little mistake. A few years ago, you were out on new years, and you were stopped at a check point. You blew over the limit and paid the price, and now you’re still paying.

A recent DUI conviction is one of the many things that adoption agencies will be looking for as they scour your past and present for any signs of trouble. Most adoption agencies officially will state that a DUI on your record will at least delay the process significantly. What they do not say, is that this delay is very often the precursor to what will ultimately end in denial and heartbreak. To worsen matters, the up front fees that must be paid to adoption agencies routinely amount to thousands of dollars, and that money is almost always non-refundable should your application be denied for reasons of criminality.

The decision to adopt a child is an admirable deed that is rewarding as it is kind. Don’t let one mistake ruin your chance to experience the joy of providing a home for a loving child in need. A FORMER PROSECUTOR is the best chance you have at ensuring that this potentially ruinous situation doesn’t create a stain on your life that darkens everything you touch. Get yourself the best defense at no extra cost to you. Get yourself a FORMER PROSECUTOR now!

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