DUI…..in a wheelchair?

The challenges of trying to live a normal life as a disabled person are many. Often special accommodations have to be made to do even the most simple of tasks. Modern technology has made living life as a disabled person easier than it ever was. Motorized wheelchairs have introduced a level of mobility and freedom that could only be dreamt of just a few short decades ago.


So there you are. Getting around in your motorized wheelchair, marveling at the wonders of technology. Perhaps you’ll go to a party, have a few beers. You live down the street, so you’ll easily be able to get home in your chair. You got a little tipsy, but home is just around the corner. But you never make it home. Because you’ve been arrested for a felony DUI.

That’s right. You can be arrested for DUI/DWI, in a motorized wheelchair.

This is what happened to Ronny Scott Hicks of Brevard County, Florida last October. Hicks was found stopped in the travel lane of a small bridge spanning AIS Trail Park. Police noted that he smelled strongly of alcohol and asked him to take a Field Sobriety Test.

I would like to stop here for a moment so you may digest that last statement. Police asked a man in a wheelchair. To take a Field Sobriety Test. Clicking on the term will bring you to DUI.Attorney‘s information page. Spoiler alert: a Field Sobriety Test involves WALKING.

As ridiculous as this situation seems, a felony DUI/DWI is no laughing matter. Prison is a certainty in most cases, and the cost in fines and fees can easily destroy your future. The law is not on your side. Whether you are pulled over in a car, or a wheelchair, they are looking to prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. There is no limit to the lengths they will go to ensure that you face the maximum penalties allowed by law.

Don’t get bullied and taken advantage of. Fight for your rights with the very weapon being used against you. A FORMER PROSECUTOR always has the ‘home field advantage’ in a courtroom, and that experience and familiarity will work greatly to your benefit.


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