The “Drug Whisperer”

So imagine for a moment, you are driving down the road headed home after a nice night at a friends house. Completely sober. No drugs or alcohol have passed your lips. Suddenly you see flashing lights behind you. You are being pulled over, but it should be fine, after all, you are stone cold sober.

The officer administers a field sobriety test. He then administers a breathalyzer. You pass both, confident that you will soon be on your way. To your surprise, you are quickly handcuffed and told that you are going to jail. This may sound insane, but this is the reality for some residents in Cobb County Georgia.


One Officer T.T. Carroll has been at the center of this controversy. He has been called “The Drug Whisperer” by local residents. It seems that Officer Carroll is a trained DRE (Drug Recognition Expert), which allows him to pronounce that a suspect has taken drugs, regardless of breathalyzer results or blood tests.

While this might sound absurd, the stark reality is that people are losing months of their lives and thousands of dollars defending themselves against completely fabricated charges. The consequences are harsh and very real, despite the fact that the charges should be easily dismissed.

Local law enforcement officials doubled down when confronted by the local news stating, “The local labs often report a negative result even when there are trace amounts of marijuana in a persons system.” Suggesting that the officer is more accurate than these tests which are often used to decide a case in a court of law.

Understand, law enforcement is NOT on your side. EVER. They will do whatever it takes to secure your conviction, regardless of whether you are innocent or not. Don’t let your rights get stripped away by an overzealous law enforcement agency. Get yourself a Former Prosecutor now!


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