DUI detection at a touch

Ignition interlock devices have long been the first line of defense against DUI/DWI recidivism. There is no doubt of their effectiveness when used properly. However, like any technology, it is vulnerable to those who wish to circumvent it. Perhaps a friend could be persuaded to breathe into the machine for you. Failing that, you could use any number of substances to potentially cause the machine to malfunction.



There is now new technology on the horizon that aims to prevent an intoxicated driver from starting a vehicle without having to rely on the driver to voluntarily submit to a breathalyzer interlock system like the ones that are currently on the market. Although it still has some significant perfecting that needs to take place, the underlying technology is already in place. Put simply, a series of devices that are able to passively detect the blood alcohol level will be placed in the interior of the vehicle. These will activate when the driver sits in the drivers seat. Upon detecting any trace of alcohol, the car will refuse to start.

However, not all are happy with this new technology and the possible complications it could bring along with it. A major concern is the fact that the system is not voluntary, which directly contradicts earlier statements by the NHTSA and MADD. This technology is being rolled out slowly and will surely undergo many changes before it reaches full implementation. We will be following this as it develops.

As technology improves, DUI convictions will surely become more difficult to avoid. Make sure you are represented by the very best. Find a FORMER PROSECUTOR now!

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