SpongeBob Voice Actor May Lose Job After DUI Arrest

SpongeBob Squarepants is a rather unusual phenomenon in the world of cartoons and children’s programming. It’s a show that can be safely enjoyed by viewers of all ages, while keeping its appeal to viewers of all ages, which is considerably more difficult. The show debuted in 1999 to commercial and critical acclaim and hasn’t looked back since. Movies, toys, games, clothing even. There’s nothing that the SpongeBob brand hasn’t been able to successfully conquer. Now that’s all in jeopardy because of a single DUI arrest.


One of the main players in the SpongeBob ensemble is the perpetually cranky squid aptly named, Squidward. He brilliantly plays the straight man to the chaotic SpongeBob, often bearing the brunt of his hi-jinks. It’s very hard to imagine the show without him, but now we may have to. Voice actor Rodger Bumpass was arrested 2 weeks ago for DUI and has drawn considerable negative attention to the brand which is a big no no to the higher ups at Nickelodeon.

It’s uncertain whether SpongeBob will retain the Squidward character moving forward, but one thing is certain. Rodger Bumpass’s days as the voice of Squidward the squid are almost certainly over. He has had no similar incidents in his career spanning 17 years as the cantankerous cephalopod. Nevertheless, his famed and lucrative voice acting job is now history. All due to one DUI arrest. Not a conviction, an arrest.

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