April Fools

On July 2nd 2016 Cesar Gomez was allegedly driving under the influence when his Volkswagon Jetta  struck a passenger vehicle going 80 miles an hour. The 80 year old driver was killed on impact. The passengers, a 12 year old girl and expecting mother survived with serious injuries.

Cesar Gomez was found guilty and convicted. He will be serving no prison time.

That’s right. Despite having killed a man and seriously injured 2 others, Mr. Gomez will not serve a day in prison. How? It seems that the two state troopers who responded to the scene could not sort out their testimony and gave conflicting statements. The defense noticed this and realized that there was a very good chance they could get a conviction overturned down the line.

The prosecution realized this and allowed Gomez to plead down to a lesser charge of manslaughter so that he would at least be found guilty and convicted. With time served, he was free to go when his sentence was finally handed down this week. Justice was certainly not done, and we have those two April fools to thank.

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